TMJ/TMD Symptoms

The temporomandibular joint connects the upper and lower jaws by a hinge that allows for up and down jaw movement for chewing as well as side to side movement. When you have problems with the muscles in your face that control this area, you are experiencing temporomandibular disorders and may require TMJ/TMD treatment.  You will often hear the disorder called TMJ after the joint. There are several symptoms associated with the disorder:

  • Headaches are very common with TMJ/TMD
  • Pain around the jaw joint and/or neck and shoulder pain
  • Problems chewing – a feeling that your upper and lower teeth are not meeting as they should
  • Jaws locking when you yawn or open your mouth wide
  • Noise like clicking, popping or grating while chewing or moving your jaw
  • Swelling around the temporomandibular joint
  • Tinnitus or ringing in the ears

The symptoms of TMJ/TMD are varied and different from person to person. You may experience some of these, only one or two or all of them. Levels of discomfort are also variable. Some people have the clicking or popping noise when they open their mouths with no associated pain. In order to be correctly treated for TMJ/TMD it is necessary to be diagnosed correctly.

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At the Central Park South TMJ Center, you will get an accurate diagnosis for your TMJ/TMD. We have experts in the field who have a long history of diagnosing TMJ/TMD and designing precise treatment plans to bring relief to his patients. You can trust that our team cares about the wellbeing of our patients and we understand the agony that people suffering from TMJ/TMD experience. That pain and discomfort has an impact on your quality of life. Central Park South TMJ Center is committed to restoring your oral health so your quality of life can improve. From the simplest cases that only require implementation of a few self-care habits to the most debilitating cases that necessitate extensive treatment, our specialists have the expertise and experience to get you on the road to improvement. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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